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Peerless Engineered System (PES)

Peerless Engineered  System packaged fire pump  combines all aspects of equipment and accessories onto a single skid required by NFPA-20. These systems greatly reduce the field construction and costs required to get your facility up and running quickly with below benefits besides cost reduction of engineering and installation that other packagers offer.

  • Tailored to suite the site conditions.

  • With FireConnect®, conditioning monitoring IoT tools, all required function will be monitored  through Cloud data base.

  • Water leak in sprinkler system can be detected through FireConnect with this package system.

  • Jockey Pump running hour monitoring through FireConnect with the package system.


House Package System

All pump houses meet the requirements of UL, ULC, FM, NFPA 13, NFPA 20 and MBMA. Both horizontal and vertical models provide capabilities to 5,000 gpm. In-line units can produce 500 gpm. Head ranges from 92 feet to 1,176 feet with as much as 640 psi. Pumps are powered with electric motors, diesel engines or steam turbines. Standard fire pumps are cast iron with bronze fittings, but other custom material options are available. Peerless Pump furnishes fittings and accessories per NFPA 20. Peerless Pump can provide a standard package or one that’s custom engineered to meet the customer’s needs.

  • Commercial Building

  • Industrial Facilities

  • Energy Facilities

  • Oil & Gas Facilities

  • Power Plants

  • Offshore Applications


Value of system


The Power of ONE — packages are engineered and assembled by a highly experienced team that is specialized in fire pump systems.

  • ONE source for a streamlined supply chain, no need to coordinate multiple vendors 

  • ONE dedicated project manager throughout the entire process from initial design to startup 

  • ONE highly experienced design team 

  • ONE specialized assembly team 

  • ONE documentation package for all of the equipment 

  • Peerless Pump is an OEM fire pump packager, giving us complete control over the pump and skid design  

All equipment and accessories are mounted on a common base, ready to install upon arrival at site.

  • Assembled in a controlled environment, avoiding weather delays associated with field construction 

  • Ensures that all components are compatible and installed correctly 

  • Eliminates complex and costly field installation issues associated with component system installations. 

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