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ASP/QRC for Peerless Pump and Shin Nippon Machinary

With our OEM partner, Shin Nippon Machinery and Peerless Pump allow us to support the local customers emergency needs for the most of rotating equipment in the area including;

  • API610 Process Pump (Any brands)

  • API611 Steam Turbine (Any brands)

  • API612 Steam Turbine (Up to 50MW)

  • API613 Gear Box (Any brands)

  • API617/619 Compressor (Any brands)

  • Molten Sulfur Pump (Any brands)

  • API681 Liquid Ring Pump (NASH, SIHI and others)

  • Vertical Turbine Pump per API610 and ANSI/H.I. (Any brands)

  • Fire Water Pump per UL/FM & NFPA-20 (Any brands)

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