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Honda Kiko Latex Pump

Rubber & Polymer Application

Honda XSec2.png
Honda XSec.png

High Vis, & Latex Emulsion Pump Horizontal Type

We provide sales and service for Honda Kiko Latex Pump from Houston, Texas.  ​Characteristic of Latex Pump are:

  • Free from clogging and leakage resulting from polymerization(coagulum)of Latex liquid. Compared with conventional pumps, BLS does not required frequent overhauling with lower maintenance cost.

  • BLS has a low polymerization rate of latex liquid which is one-thirtieth of conventional pumps. It helps maintenance of the original latex quality.

  • In addition to transferring chemically stable synthetic latex liquid, BLS can also be used for clog-free transfer of more chemically unstable 750mPa·s∼1000mPa·s, and 1400mPa·s natural latex liquids.


Specially designed seal construction for latex.

  1. Knife-edge mechanical seal + Gland packing construction backup.

  2. Knife-edge mechanical seal + Multi-spring type mechanical seal construction backup.


  • High Viscosity Chemical

  • Transportation of Latex liquid.

  • Emulsion liquid.

  • Crumb slurry.

  • Viscous liquid and Adhesive liquid.

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honda case.png
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