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Our After Market Capabilities

Rotating Equipment Services 

QRC of Shin Nippon Machinery & Peerless Pump

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We are under ISNET, Avetta, and DISA network to be qualified to work on any type of job site in industrial market.

We have full capability of Field Service and QRC scope with;

  • 24/7 customer response for parts, shop service and field services to insure minimizing downtime.

  • Installation and removal, Start-up and commissioning

  • Preventive maintenance services

  • Laser Alignment

  • Field Balancing at the field

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Field repairs & Machining

  • On-site rotating equipment repair

  • FARO Arm 3D at site modeling service

  • CNC machining capability to fabricate OEM part per the print to expedite the lead time in case.

OEM Partners in After Market

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Rotating Equipment Services Works at Shop

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