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Radially Split Multi-Stage Double Casing Between Bearings Pump

API610 BB5

The BTBF model from Shin Nippon Machinery is a horizontal, radially split, multi-stage, single suction (BTBFD: double suction at 1st stage) between bearings double barrel pump with double casing, diffuser guide-vane, and centerline support.
The BTBF (BTBFD) model is suitable for high pressures, high temperatures, and high speeds, as well as a broad range of other heavy-duty processes and industrial applications.

This is a heavy-duty pump conforming to API610 requirements.

Seal chamber

Seal chamber dimensions fully conform to API682 and API610 standards, with installation of our own standard-dimension dual seals also supported.

Easy maintenance

Overhaul can be performed without removal of main pipelines or drive assembly.

High reliability

Balance drum reduces thrust force to an optimum level. Diffuser guide vane provides balance for internal radial force.
Additionally, full-circular construction of the bearing housing and high-precision dynamic balance ensure stable operation and long bearing life.


Both the discharge and suction nozzles are located on top, which enables self-venting and achieves a smoother start-up.

  • Maximum flow rate:1100m³/h

  • Maximum discharge pressure:2500# Flange rating

  • Maximum operating temperature:400℃

  • Maximum speed:6000rpm


1. Outer casing

The casing is designed in full compliance with API610 requirements (design pressure, nozzle external force, moment, etc.).
Cylindrical forging from high-grade steel grants the strength required for safe operations under high pressure up to maximum operating temperature.
The radially split outer casing is fitted metal-to-metal with a controlled compression gasket that ensures perfect sealing without misalignment. The centerline support design prevents misalignment caused by thermal expansion.


Designed for high efficiency and low NPSH, the enclosed single-suction (BTBFD: double suction at 1st stage) multi-stage impeller is designed to meet a wide range of specific operating conditions. The arrangement of impeller vanes and diffusers is designed to avoid vane-pulsation buildup.
The impeller is firmly secured to the shaft by interference fit and split rings.
The impeller is dynamically balanced to comply with API610 requirements.






BB5 w/3000Hp Motor with Seal System Package


BB5 Driven by 2500Hp Steam Turbine

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