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SIW Line-Shaft Vertical Sump Pump
API Class VS4

Shin Nippon Machinery, SIW model is a single stage, closed single-suction, volute type, line shaft vertical pump. The range also includes a model (SIWN model) that does not require mechanical shaft seals. Since this model requires no mechanical seals, it cuts down on initial cost and maintenance costs. This model is suitable for operating conditions involving non-hazardous materials and non-flammable fluids.
A semi-open impeller-type pump (SIWO model) is also available, which is suitable for use as a drainage pump for pits.

Seal chamber

Seal chamber dimensions fully conform to API682 and API610 standards, with installation of our own standard-dimension dual seals also supported.

Easy startup and operation

As this pump is usually under flooded suction, it avoids the need to eliminate priming water or air.

Easy maintenance

Features a flanged spigot fit for casing and column in order to maintain alignment and facilitate easier maintenance.

High reliability

A powerful driver mount design ensures stable pump operation.

Space-saving and easy to install

The vertical pump configuration saves on valuable installation space. Shipment of the preassembled pump (excluding the driver) simplifies on-site installation work.

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