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Image by Crystal Kwok

Daido Gear Pump

Daido Gear Pump

Daido Gear Pump gear assembly consists of a gear and a pinion. The gear is mounted on and driven by the shaft, and the pinion fitted with pinion bush and supported on the pinion pin is driven by the gear.
The center of the pinion is eccentric to the center of the gear. A crescent on the casing cover occupies the space between the external circle of the pinion and the internal circle of the gear.
The gear, mounted on the shaft, rotates and drives the pinion. The pinion rotates inside of the crescent and the gear rotates outside of the crescent. The rotation transfers the fluid flooded between the gear and pinion teeth to discharge port.

A. At this point, gear and pinion teeth are in perfect mesh, which acts as a seal between the suction and discharge ports.


B. As the gear and pinion teeth begin to discharge, fluid is drawn into and floods the space between the gear and pinion teeth.。


C. Fluid flooded between the gear and pinion teeth is displaced to discharge port by rotation.


D. As the gear and pinion teeth begin to mesh again, fluid is pressurized and forced out the discharge port.


Daido Internal Gear Pump G series has many supply records in liquid transfer of various industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food etc. We are highly evaluated for its durability and reliability. The gear, which is the heart of the pump, demonstrates a long service life and high efficiency with originally developed Taocloid gear tooth profile.


G Series

  • Pressure Max. 4.5Mpa

  • Temperature Max. 450℃

  • Viscosity Max. 2,500,000mPa.s

  • Capacity Max. 660m3/h

  • Main Material FC, SUS (※ Based on actual results, special materials available)

  • Theory of Function


SE Series

  • Pressure Max. 1.0Mpa

  • Temperature Max. 150℃

  • Viscosity Max. 50,000mPa.s

  • Capacity Max. 152m3/h

  • Main Material SUS


NR series

  • Pump with non-contact originally developed trilobal rotor.

  • Liquid is transferred in a smooth manner without being damaged or the solid content being broken.

  • Available with both rotation, the suction and discharge line can be freely chosen.

  • Perfect Sanitation.

  • Adopting SUS316 as material.

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