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Kurose has three type of Spiral Heat Exchanger to industrial market, and we provide sales and service for Kurose Heat Exchanger from Houston, Texas. 

Self-Cleaning & Corrosion Resistance
Spiral is the best application for high viscosity application. Single channel geometry with consistent pressure and flow allow inside of channel to keep being cleaned the fluid paths by keeping same velocity of fluid going through fouling-section increase. So scrubbing effect occur.

spiral self cleaning1.png
spiral self cleaning.png

Before Power Washing


After Power Washing

One application used in industrial market for high viscosity and corrosive liquid. The unique of our unit is that the unit can be easily washed by power wash water basis. With some unique portable testing or remote type testing feature will allow the users to ensure corrosion issue inside of unit. 

Type 1

Liquid to Liquid Solution

Type 1 is always a liquid / liquid solution.

This type can be opened at each end. And open channel is sealed by the gasket face of the end cover.

Both channels follows the spiral direction, from outside to the center, or the center to outside.

And this model is a good , when fluids are fouling , due to self-cleaning effect.


Type 2

Gas/Liquid Solution

Type 2 is always a Gas / liquid solution.

The fluid flows across the spiral rather than spiral follow.

This follow can be achieved very low pressure drop on the condensing circuit.

And this model is a good , when to be installed with a very small footprint, compared to the shell and tube model.


Type 3

Precise Performance

Type 3 has a mixture of type1 and type 2 features.

The fluid flow is two in one. It meaning that cross flow and counter-current flow in the same unit.

This model allows cross temperature approaches than type 2.


KUROSE Spiral Heat Exchanger

The spiral plate heat exchanger is made from two long metal plates around a core to form two concentric spiral flow passages, one for each fluid.

The plate edges are welded one side for each fluid. Channel plate width and spacing are optimized for the specified duty, maximum heat transfer, and ease of access.


Strong on customized solutions
・Low maintenance cost due to easy access
・Compact high-efficiency heat exchanger (CHE)
・Design experience since 1961

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