Customer Machining

Machining Capabilities

We have fully-equipped CNC and Manual Machine Shop and highly-skilled machinists can handle all of your machining needs timely manner.


Custom machining for trial parts, proto type and R&D uses are available for our customers as well as our OEM partners.

  • Lucas Horizontal Mills with rotary table and support bar

  • Vertical Lathe, 56" swing

  • Engine Lathe, 38" swing x 10Ft

  • Engine Lathe, 12" swing x 10Ft

  • Engine Lathe, 6" swing x 5Ft

  • HAAS SL-30 CNC Lathe, Up to 14" x 34.5"

  • HAAS SL-40 CNC Lathe, Up to 25" x 44"

  • HAAS VF-5/50 CNC Mill, 50"x axis x 26"y axis x 25"z axis

         12" rotary table, 4" axis rotary table

  • HAAS VF-3 CNC Mil, 40" X axis x 26" Y axis x 25" Z axis

         12" Rotary table, 4" axis rotary table

All CNC programs are written with MASTERCAM9.0.

  • FARO Arm Inspection 3D Model

  • Gauge Bar for calibration to .00000001" tolerance.

  • Shop room temperature is controlled under 76 deg-F all through the seasons.
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