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Shin Nippon Machinery
API610 Process Pump
API611 General Purpose Steam Turbine
API612 Special Purpose Steam Turbine
API614 Lube oil System

API610 Process Pump

Supporting an evolving industrial base
with unique combinations.

API610 Process Pumps​:

  • OH2, 3, 4

  • BB1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  • VS1, 4, 6


  • Boiler Feed Water Pump

  • HP Booster Pump /  HP Ethylene Pump

  • Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine


  • Power

  • Hydrocarbon (Petro-chemi)

  • Fertilizer

  • LNG

  • Pipeline

  • Off-shore


API611/612 Steam Turbine

Advanced technology with reliability and performance—responding to the demands of the times.

SNM Steam Turbines are available for below configuration.

  • Condensing Turbines <100MW

  • Condensing turbines (multi-stage axial exhaust turbines) <100MW

  • Back pressure type (multi-stage B type), 50MW

  • Back pressure type (single-stage horizontal placement/vertical placement), 25M


  • Co-Gen Power

  • Geo-Thermal

  • Combined Cycle Power

  • Hydrocarbon (Petro-chemi)

  • Fertilizer


API614 Lube Oil System

SNM is also manufacturing Lube Oil Console for Pump, Turbine and Driver for the customer needs per API614. With the production capability of pump, turbine and lube oil system, Shin Nippon Machinery is capable of designing and manufacturing total system of unit under one factory. 

All items including this lube oils systems are made in Kure City in Japan. So that SNM can manage all production schedule from pump, turbine and LOS without relying on outsourcing.


US Local Shop

We are authorized repair shop for SNM equipment in the U.S. market.  The location of our shop is Houston, TX and we provide 7/24/365 services to the U.S. base customers. With 10,000sq-ft shop area with 20 tons crane capability and numerous conventional as well as CNC machine allow us to provide quick turn around of SNM equipment as per SNM instructions.

Shop is located in Houston, TX engaging with sister company, Fuji Industrial Services who are fully equipped with to condition any type of rotating equipment.

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