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Authorized Representative of :

Peerless Pump (Fire Pump, Vertical Turbine Pump)

Shin Nippon Machinery (API610 Pump, API611/612 Steam Turbine)

Kurose Heat Exchanger (Spiral Type Heat Exchanger)

Daido Kikai Pump (Gear Pump)

Rotating Equipment Shop  & Field Services

Gulf Coast Texas Region


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Peerless Pump Vertical Turbine Pump

(Replacement, Re-bowl, Repair in Gulf of Texas)

We are authorized  Distributor/Representative and Authorized Service Center (ASP) of Peerless Pump at Gulf Area in TX. PPS and Peerless Pump has engaged to promote this project to retrofit any legacy or current model of Peerless Vertical Turbine Pump in Industrial plants. With the shop capabilities, we will support your maintenance and reliability work for any type of Peerless Vertical Pump complying Peerless Indianapolis Factory Quality Standard.

Spare parts from Peerless Pump will also be available


Tel:  281-991-7726 

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Shin Nippon Machinery

  • API610 Process Pump

  • API611 Steam Turbine

  • API612 Steam Turbine

  • API614 Lube Oil System


​Peerless Pump

  • UL/FM listed Fire Water Pump 

  • Vertical Turbine Pump 

  • Horizontal Split Case Pump

  • ANSI Process Pump 


  • Spiral Type Heat Exchanger

  • Per ASME 

  • Per API


Represent the highest quality industrial equipment in the industry

Daido Gear Pump

  • Gear Pump

  • Robe Pump

  • Vacuum Pump


Honda Kiko Pump​

  • Latex Pump

  • Self Primng Pump


Rotating Equipment Services

  • Steam Turbines (SNM, Elliott, Dresser)

  • Gear Boxes (Marley, Lufkin, Amarillo)

  • API610 Pump

  • Screw Compressor

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This allows OEM to meet the customers expectations and needs for their products. Our capabilities along with sales application and customer services teams make this unique position to be possible.  

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